All kinds of Bridges, Gantry Cranes of working grade A3A10 are manufactured by Advanced Technology, which enjoy a High Reputation among users in various industries at National and International Level because of their Varieties, Good Performance and High Quality.

The crane manufactured by Shandong Drucker Group (Fazal Engineering is sole distributer of DLK), which implements the relevant international and domestic standards, with following characteristics:

  • Lightweight Structure
  • Automatic Control
  • Advanced Mechanical Matching
  • Electrical Control Technology
  • Good Process
  • Stable Operation
  • Safety and Reliability

Light and Small Crane

  • Steel-Wire Rope Type Electric Block
  • Electric Chain Hoist
  • Flexible Combined Suspension Crane

Gantry Crane

  • Steel-Wire Rope Type Electric Block
  • Electric Hoist Gantry Crane
  • Single Main Beam Gantry Crane
  • Double Beam Gantry Crane
  • Electric Hoist Half Door Crane
  • Swing Lever Crane
  • Ship-Building Gantry Crane
  • Road Bridge Gantry Crane

Bridge Crane

  • Electric single beam bridge crane
  • Electric single beam suspension crane
  • Double beam hook bridge crane

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