Electricity & Power

Electricity & Power

Fazal Engineering Core Services include design and fabrication, installation of Power Plants, manufacturing of switchgear, automation, Electrical works including Sub Stations, Grid stations and Transmission lines etc. We are offering an extensive range of services in following sectors

  • Power Generation
  • Oil & Gas sector
  • Petro-Chemical
  • Cement Plants
  • Textile sector
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Infrastructure
  • Health
  • Railway & Air Ports


Medium voltage switchgear panels

  • Medium Voltage Switchgear Cubicles are manufactured from 6.6 KV to 25 KV.
  • The cubicles are manufactured and designed in such a way that no work is carried out at site except Connection of Medium Voltage Cubicle in Cubicle Department.
  • The cubicles design incorporates all necessary interlocks to safeguard the equipment’s as well as operating staff.
  • We are also manufacturing highest grade Neutral ground resistance panel (NGR).
  • All protection relays, measuring & protection instruments are mounted on Instruments & relay of component for easy accessibility.
  • The circuit breaker trolley (VCB) contains service position, test / isolated position and withdrawn position, In-Service position, automatic shutter system is provided for protection against the live parts.
  • The cubicles are manufactured from 12KV to 17.5KV with basic Insulation Level (BIL) of 75KV to 95KV and degree of protection IP 3X as well as IP 4X. The cubicles are degreased, de rusted chemically with Zinc Phosphate to protect them against corrosion. The cubicles are painted with final finish RAL 7032 color (Powder coated or Stove Paint) after process of cleaning, pre-treatment and anti-rust coating.


  1. We manufacture the low Voltage Cubicles from 800A to 6300A and other related equipment.
    • LT panels
    • Bus couplers
    • MCC (Motor control and center )panels
    • Power factor
    • Improvement panels
    • VFD panels
    • Protection panels
    • Incoming and outgoing panels
    • Star delta
    • Soft starters
    • Synchronizing panels for generators and turbines
    • Distribution Boards
    • AMF & ATF Panels

  2. The Cubicle’s design incorporates all necessary Interlocks to save-guard the equipment as well as operating staff.
  3. All the measuring and recording instruments like Ampere Meter, Volt Meter, Energy Meter etc. are mounted on the front door in semi-finished Style for easy accessibility for checking instruments on inner side of the door.
  4. The Protective Earth (PE), Neutral (N) and Protective Earth Neutral (PEN) are provided in all Cubicles as per rules.
  5. The Cubicles are manufactured according to Standards like VDE 0660, Part 500:ICE- PUBL.439
  6. The Cubicles are manufactured with various protection standards i.e. IP40 & IP54 etc according to Din 40050 & IEC-PUBL.529.

Electrical and Automation

Our engineering resources and experts ensure that Electrical system integration, Industrial instrumentation and automation engineering systems are designed in line with the process parameters and the expected requirements of the clients with predictable outputs and reliability. Our team of customer-focused Engineers and Project Managers are an invaluable resource from consulting, through system engineering, integration and commissioning.

Some key segments of our expertise are:

  • Turnkey Engineering, Integration, Construction and Field Services for all instrumentation and control applications
  • PLC Programming and Design – Supporting all major PLC brands
  • include process unit interlocks, turbo machinery protection, surge protection, and critical alarm systems
  • Equipment failure and root cause analysis for instrumentation systems
  • On-site instrument engineering support, including instrument specification, troubleshooting, commissioning, and equipment strategies
  • Instrument and Control Panel Design and Fabrication
  • Tank Gauging Systems – traditional tank gauging system design and installation, including modern radar and wireless tank gauging applications
  • Electrical works including designing, procurement, installation and commissioning of LT and HT systems.
  • Manufacturing and installation of Switchgear like LT, HT, Control DB’s, SDB’s and main DB’s etc.
  • Design of all electrical systems with AutoCAD drawings backup support
  • Design, Fabrication & erection, testing & commissioning of grid stations (220 Kv down to 11 Kv, Transforming & Switching Stations), transmission lines and supervision of turn-key projects.
  • Electrical Audits, Energy audits

Power Plants

Complete Engineering Design, including fabrication, installation and commissioning of small and medium sized Power Plants

  • Designing of power plants from 1 MW to 10 MW with rated voltage 13.8 KV, 11 KV and 415 volts at 50 and 60 Hz and over-head and under-ground power distribution systems.
  • Feasibility Study preparation and Survey based data collection on Power Plants or Fuels availability and Supply Chain mechanism development.

Grid Stations

FE EPC wing is committed to bring innovations in Grid and substation. Our highly experienced team is working for sub station from 33KV to 600KV.



We specialize in providing energy management solutions to industrial as well as commercial and residential end users. Our primary focus is on energy conservation and secondly towards exploring & developing economically viable, socially acceptable and environment friendly alternate energy sources. The advantage is a smooth, gradual and transparent implementation of the Energy Management System.

The directors and managers are trained energy auditors and have


vast experience in development, documentation and implementation of management systems in various types of local and multinational companies.

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